Bob Barboza Will Present At The Mars Society Convention

The 20th Annual International Mars Society Convention Back to Conventions 20th Annual International Mars Society Convention University of California, Irvine A311 Student Center Irvine, CA 92697 September 7 – 10, 2017 The four-day International Mars Society Convention brings together leading scientists, engineers, aerospace industry representatives, government policymakers and journalists to talk about the latest scientific […]

Parents In Favor of Technology

Research Report: 2 in 3 Parents Say Classroom Tech Is Key to Student Futures Tech leaders say motivating teachers is the biggest hurdle, according to a new report. By Joshua Bolkan 06/29/17 Two-thirds of parents report that effective classroom technology use provides an opportunity for their children to develop college and career skills, according to […]

How do I design a spaceship?

If this is what Elon Musk’s Mars spaceship will look like on the inside, we can’t wait to climb aboard Dave Mosher SpaceX’s rendering of its Mars spaceship’s common area.Elon Musk/SpaceX On September 27, Elon Musk laid out his audacious plan to launch a million people to Mars at $200,000 a ticket and save humanity […]

Designing Homes on Mars

Mars Meet the architects designing homes on Mars Students at the Barboza Space Center are designing Martian habitats using space mathematics from their high school geometry program.   We invite you to take a closer look at what other designers are working on. By Emily Reynolds Friday 25 September 2015 Fosters Foster + Partners […]

Space X Internship Programs

Students are becoming fellows at the Barboza Space Center to gain the experiences that they can apply towards their internships at Space X and other aerospace companies.   Students are finding ways to build a portfolio of their designs and examples of problem solving skills that can be used in the world of work.   […]

Designing Rockets At Space X

Student fellows at the Barboza Space Center are learning about designing for the future.  Ten students from the CAMS (California Academy of Mathematics and Science) will receive fellowships to study in the Occupy Mars Learning Adventures *STEAM++ Program.   Students are look to add to their hands on experiences in the hopes that they can […]