Cabo Verde Youth Need Our Help: The Super School Design Center is Working On A Creative Solution: Identify the leaders and give them a voice

After a recent trip to Bridgewater State University I learned of three dynamic leaders who are working on solutions.  They are going to need our help and we are will to role up our selves.  But first, we must try to understand the problem that needs to be solved.  We have asked Marylou Vachet to start the investigation and to bring her thirty plus years of experience to the table.   Who should we be talking to?
Jennifer DeBarros: 

Topic: Remembering Malcolm: The Culture of Memory, Police Shootings and Public Pedagogy”

Jennifer DeBarros.jpeg

Jorge Dias
Topic: “Economic-Social Precariousness, Violence and Victimization of Young People in Cape Verde: The Need for a Structural Intervention”
Jorge Dias.jpeg
Ricardo Rosa

Topic: “Cabo Verdeano Protest Hip Hop/Socially Conscious Rap Kriolu: As Social

Movement Public Pedagogy through the Mobilization of the Culture of Radical Memory”


Ricardo Rosa.jpeg


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